Quality guarantee
Every order placed in our stores is always served with the best quality of flowers and the most appropriate materials and packaging used.

The orders are always served based on your choice. They may be modified due to lack or seasonality of flowers, which are always replaced with similar flowers. Any change that may occur is always in favor of the product without deterring your overall order.
In case the flowers you initially selected are not available, we contact you, suggesting you the best available options.

Shipping warranty
All orders are delivered within 24 hours for Greece and 24-48 hours for other countries (countries within EU). Delivery dates change only after agreement with the recipient. The delivery date is transferred for the next day when the registration of the order is after21:00 for the city of Heraklion and after 18:00 for the rest of Greece.

For orders on special days and holidays please make sure to contact the store.

The partners that we choose to transfer our orders meet certain criteria and considered the best in each region of Greece and the world. We choose carefully the stores to work with in order to guarantee the quality in every order you make.